Sunday, December 27, 2009


Time flew again for me. It has been hectic for the whole sem break that I didn't feel rested at all. None except the past 2 days. In which I finally got the rest that I needed. For the coming semester.

The whole semester break was just waking up to go to lab then going back to sleep and then going back to lab again. Not to mention the plethora of different problems arising not just scientific problems but also people problems. With so many things happening around me ...

I forgot.

I forgot which things actually matter, I neglected people, went back on my own philosophies. I forgot what fun feels like, I forgot the meaning of humor. I forgot my friends, I forgot my family. All there was in mind was the project.

Slowly, it engulfed me. I'm losing myself ... bit by bit.

Not able to take it anymore, I stopped for these 2 days .. and enjoyed myself. Free to do whatever I like with no obligations whatsoever. It was rejuvenating. I remembered how freedom feels like. Freedom can actually be self-obtained. I mean other than those living in war-torn areas and under tyrants .. The rest of us here can actually be free of everything. Only if you want it and able to let things go.

I was free to be inspired, to be awed. Really, it's hard to fill a cup that is already full. =)

For these few days, time does not pass so fast anymore. Every minute counted. Every minute is a joy to go through. I've truly learnt how to appreciate every minute of the day. Let's hope this little pit stop is enough. There is a whole semester lying in front of me. Night


  1. Colis said...

    ii janai ka~ kono kara wa ganbatte~

  2. Anonymous said...

    ur loyal fans misses uuuuuu xP